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Lucas Solo
Straight off base, Navy Seaman Apprentice Lucas, drops by to rub one out for the Major's ever-ready camera. He has just reported aboard his new duty station in San Diego and one of his shipmates suggested that he hit up the Major for some extra much-needed cash. Lucas is 19 years old, stands at 5'10" and weighs in at 180 lbs. He was born in Mississippi but now claims Georgia as his home and his southern drawl is very noticeable. He already sports around 14 tattoos and on course to get a few more before too long. Lucas says that he lost his virginity only 4 days before he reported to boot camp as a going away present from a cute girl back home and says they "bumped snugglies"! He says it's pretty difficult trying to talk to women now that he's in the military and he beats off about 3-4 times each day to keep his equipment healthy. The Major gets Lucas to strip off his shorts and discovers a massive pair of low hangers that Lucas is very proud of but has "to pick at 'em" to keep them from sticking to his inner thighs. Lucas skillfully strokes away at his cock for a short while and surprises the Major with 9 healthy cum bursts all over the place, with a good load of cum landing right on his forehead and in his eye.


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