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Chase Helping Hand
Straight off base, USMC Lance Corporal Chase, returns to the Major?s place after spending another hot, grueling week in the field training with his Marine battalion. He says he ?shot some shit and blew shit up? and is excited to be deploying soon. Like most ever-horny Marines, LCpl Chase got to spend some rare alone-time in the old field port-a-potty with some gun oil lubing up his mighty meat cannon and practicing his shooting skills he acquired back in his boot camp days. He strips from his cammies and strokes his meaty cock for a short while until the Major steps in to lend a helping hand ? or two! With the Major?s expert marksmanship, LCpl Chase?s meat cannon explodes a massive cum shot across his ripped abs and ricochets off his lips for a good salty finish!


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