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Straight off base, USMC Sgt Dean, a heavily tatted stud who hails from Florida, stands 64 and weighs in at 200 lbs, visits the Majors penthouse to engage in some hot hand-to-cock combat action. In his youth, Sgt Dean was a scrawny teenage badass when he got involved in some crazy shit and wound up being placed in an all-boys correctional facility. Dean hit the weights regularly to add some muscle to his lanky body and to help defend himself from the older guys looking for a younger bitch to pound after lights out. At the Majors direction, Sgt Dean removes his clothes, pulls out his veiny 8 incher (accompanied by some very impressive low-hangers) and proceeds to splatter his Marine jizz down a standing mirror. Afterwards, Dean tops everything off by drawing a sloppy happy face with the tip of his big wet cock!


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