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Max Webcam Solo
Straight off base, Corporal Max, a very handsome, ripped, muscular Marine stud from the great state of Utah and who held multiple state high school wrestling championships, visits the Majors penthouse on a weekend afternoon after being stuck in the field for the entire week. Cpl Max wants to have some webcam fun with the Majors able assistance and direction from behind the camera. Max strips off his shorts, proudly strikes a few poses and flexes his well-defined muscles before hopping onto the bed to engage his very appreciative webcam audience like a true pro! Then he heads into the shower for a sudsy encounter with a very hungry Fleshlight. He grabs a towel, returns to the bed and skillfully strokes his hard and veiny 8 inch meat-cannon until he unloads a massive thick cumload onto his tightly ripped abs.


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