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Christmas Tree Delivery Boy
so Family From Out of Town Is Visiting and They Insisted I Decorate for Christmas so We Went to the Christmas Tree Lot and We Picked Out the Perfect Tree! With No Place to Strap the Tree on My Car We Paid Extra to Have Them Deliver It, Unfortunately It Wouldn't Be Until the Next Day, Turns Out That Was a Good Thing.

the Next Day the Family Is Out Shopping and I Hear a Knock At the Door. I Tell Them to Come In Assuming It's the Tree Delivery Guys, and In Walks This Total Stud Named Noel, With His Young Sexy Hands Wrapped Around the Tree We Picked Out the Night Before. I Quickly Grabbed My Camera and Managed to Get a Couple Shots Right After He Put the Tree Down. Get the Rest of the Story and See His Blowjob and Cumshot by Clicking the Link Above. Happy Holidays!


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