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Oiled Up Alpha Beast
Straight From a Brutal Workout Session, I'm Pumped, Hairy, Shredded and Vascular. so Many Skinny Dudes Around Me I Can't Help but Laugh At Them as They Stare At Me In Amazement

i Ask Them If They Want a Show, I Saturate My Shirt In Oil Before I Rip Out of It Like the Beast I Am.

the Oil Runs Down My Pecs and Abs and Onto My Cock.

i Get Angry That These Little Skinny Pathetic Dudes Are Not Alpha's and Only Alpha's Should Belong Worshipping Me so I Lift Them Up and Crush Them Making Them Feel My Power!

the Aggression Gets My Cock Hard and I Pump Up More and More.

with My Veins Exploding With Blood and Power I Explode Into a Huge Cum Shot Showering the Inferiors In My Masculinity.


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