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Bodybuilder Cum Is Good!
If You Ever Get the Chance You Should Drink a Bodybuilder Cum Load, Especially If It Comes From a Cock Like Mine. It's Packed With Goodness, It's so Tasty, and It Might Help You Become a Real Man, Like Me.

alpha Men Who Work Out Hard Sometimes Do It, Jerking Out Their Cream and Licking It Up. I've Heard Things About It From Other Guys, Men Who Have Real Power and Strength, Almost as Godlike as Me, but You Know I'm One of a Kind.

my Load Is so Potent I Know If You Drank It You Would Be Changed Forever, Craving More All the Time.

i Love Licking It Up After a Good Wank, an Aggressive and Totally Horny Stroke Session. I Get so Into It, Smacking My Rock Hard Muscles and Leaving Red Patches on My Own Body as My Cock Starts to Throb In My Underwear.

adding Oil Just Makes It Even Hotter, My Vascular Arms Bulging, My Abs so Rock Solid and My Pecs Bulging and Bouncing.
all That Aggression Seems to Make Me Even More Desperate to Cum. I Feel My Balls Getting Tighter as My Cock Head Leaks Precum Constantly In Anticipation of the Load I'm Going to Give Myself.

i'm In Full Control of My Urges, I Can Make It Last, Getting My Load Bigger and Bigger Until I'm Finally Ready to Grab My Solid and Slippery Cock and Stroke It. Every Muscle In My Incredibly Body Throbs as the Pleasure Increases, My Cum Finally Spewing From My Helmet and Splashing Out.

i Catch as Much as I Can to Drink, There's so Much of It!

the Taste on My Tongue Is so Good, the Feel of My Warm Semen Sliding Down My Throat Keeps My Cock Hard and Sometimes I Can Go Again Minutes Later and Treat Myself to Another Bodybuilder Cum Load.


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