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Trying to Rob a Muscle Dom?
Guys Breaking Into Houses Should Really Pay Some Attention to Who They're Robbing, Maybe Then You Wouldn't Be In This Situation. You Should Have Watched My Place for a While Before You Chose to Try Anything, Then You Would Have Known What You Were Up Against.

it's Too Late Now. You Probably Want Me to Just Call the Cops and Save Your Pathetic Little Arse From Me, but Now You're Mine, and I Get to Do What I Want. by the Way, I'm a Real Muscle Dom Who Knows How to Use Runts Like You.

you're Not Leaving Until You've Been Properly Punished, the Courts Can't Dish Out the Right Kind of Justice so I'll Have to Do It Myself.
you Soon Get the Idea When I Show You What You're Dealing With.

my Massive Powerful Pecs Are Bulging, My Abs Tight and Ripped, My Thick Arms Vascular and Throbbing as I Show Off My Size. You're Soon Hypnotized by My Physique, Scared but Fascinated At the Same Time.

my Oiled Up Muscle God Mass Is Too Captivating, Even If You Had the Chance to Run Now You Wouldn't Be Able To.

it's Not Enough, I Don't Just Want Your Attention or Admiration, I Don't Just Want You to Be Scared, I'm Going to Use You Totally and Make You My Fucking Bitch as I Get My Massive Muscle Dom Cock Out and Stick It In Your Face.

you've Never Had a Cock In Your Face Like This Before, Not Even When You Were Locked Up the First Time, but as I Slap My Huge Dick Across Your Cheek and Leave a Sticky Wet Streak of Lube and Precum Across Your Pathetic Face You Know This Is Just the Start.

after I've Fucked Your Arse and Showered You With My Massive Jizz Load Then I'll Call the Cops. They're Gonna Have a Fucking Good Laugh When They Come In and Find You Humiliated, Your Virgin Hole Aching and Wet, Your Body Drenched In My Semen.


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