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Jerking Off In Jeans
It's Been a Hard Day At Work so Far, but I Know How to Reward Myself. It's Time for a Break, Slipping Off My Jacket and Unbuttoning My Shirt, Flexing My Massive Muscles and Showing Off My Ripped Abs.

all Day Everyone Has Been Checking Out My Arse In My Tight Jeans, Admiring My Cock Bulge Too. It Always Makes Me so Horny When I'm Getting so Much Attention.

join Me as I Deliver an Intense Muscle Show, Flexing Everything I Have, My Nipples Hard and My Cock Even Harder In My Tight Jeans as I Perform for Your Eyes Only.

you Could Reach Out and Touch If You Were Here, I Love the Feel of Warm Hands Groping and Stroking My Massive Body, Exploring Every Inch of My Ripped and Pumped Form.

if You're Especially Good At It I'll Let You Continue While I Unbutton My Jeans and Haul Out My Big Throbbing Cock, Let You Continue to Enjoy My Muscles as My Dick Twitches and Leaks Precum.

after Such an Intense Session of Flexing and Worship It's Only Right That I Finish It and Satisfy My Dick Before Getting Back to Work.
watch as I Lay Back and Stroke My Cock Hard Length, My Balls Tight and Bouncing, the Cum Splashing From My Red Helmet and Raining Down All Over My Solid Muscled Body.

i Don't Have Time to Clean Up, I'll Just Put My Shirt Back on and Let Every Guy I Work With Catch the Aroma of My Cum Every Time I Walk By. I Know It Has the Power to Make Them All Hard Without Them Even Knowing!


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