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Dirty Scout 229
This young man wasn't very talkative, it was a chore to get more than a one-word answer out of him. He was originally from Slovakia, where he had a few manual jobs. The most interesting one was a forest worker, it sounded quite adventurous. He came to the Czech Republic seeking better life and he was failing so far. Living at his friend's place, unemployed... to make the disaster complete, he brought his girlfriend with him. The guy was incredibly lucky to pick our agency. I gave him a job and took care of our mediation fee. He hesitated a little but soon was kneeling on the floor with his mouth full. Unfortunately, he wasn't such a slut I thought he would be. The guy refused to get fucked but agreed to fuck me instead. So, I got fucked by a lumberjack with a big dick. That's still pretty sweet...


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