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Czech Hunter 31
I Am Always Careful When I Approach Two Guys At the Same Time. Most of Them Are Cool. Some Just Take It as Fun but Some React Not Really Friendly. Nonetheless I Saw This Very Attractive Guy Together With His Friend Walking Down My Street. I Quickly Switched on My Cam and Tried My Luck. I Asked Them If They Were Interested In Doing Something Crazy for Money. After They Rejected to Run Across the Nearby Bridge Naked They Agreed to Fuck a Bitch. a Bitch? Well, as I Am Not Into Girls I Suggested a Plastic Vagina. so We Went to the Next Sex-shop Round the Corner, Where I Bought One. Afterwards We Went Straight to a Hotel and the Guys Really Started to Fuck Their New Plastic Toy. Now Guess What Happened Next.


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