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Czech Hunter 19
This Was Not My Week. I Changed My Hunting-area Many Times Already. Today I Was In Some Sort of a Ghetto. In a Small Park. the Only Guy There Was Not a Hundred Percent My Taste. I Tried to Persuade Him for Fun. but Quite Frankly: I Was Happy That He Rejected. I Wanted to Go Back to a Bigger Park but There Wasn't Even a Taxi. so I Walked a Few Hundred Meters but When I Finally Stopped a Taxi My Luck Was Coming Back. the Guy Inside Was Quite Young but Arrogant. When We Stopped I Wanted to Pay My 170 Crown Fee With a 2000 Bill. of Course He Had No Change. so I Offered Him to Keep the Rest as a Tip. for a Little Favor. I Used My "we-make-a-survey-for-our-university" Strategy. When I Explained Him That He Could Even Make a One-month's Salary for Sucking Me I Was Ready That He Would Maybe Beat Me. No Risk No Fun. but Instead and to My Big Surprise He Agreed.


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