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Czech Hunter 16
Well, I Wasn't Sure If I Should Use This Update. but I Want to Show You How Difficult It Sometimes Is, to Find Willing Boys. Ok, This Is the Story... I Saw a Guy Standing Next to a Small Shop Looking for Flowers. Agreed, Maybe Not the Most Handsome Guy. but He Seemed to Have a Damn Strong Body. When I Tried to Start a Conversation He Was Very Arrogant and Unfriendly. but I Am Persistent. When I Showed Him My Money His Mood Changed. He Showed My His Bare Chest In the Middle of the Street and Round the Corner He Even Let Me Touch It. I Thought. In a Nearby Hallway He Showed Me His Cock and to Jerk a Bit for More Money. I Was so Sure About My Victory That I Couldn't Believe He Denied Me a Fuck or At Least a Blow-job. I Offered All I Had In My Wallet. but He Started to Get Aggressive and Left Me. Shit Happens.


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