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Czech Hunter 398


My friend Martin fucked this guy Kuba a few weeks ago, I saw the juicy video. The guy was interesting so I was thrilled when Martin told me he contacted him again. I wanted to fuck him so badly that I insisted on meeting him. But you know the golden rule... if anyone wants to fuck again, he has to bring a friend. Kuba promised to do that so I set up a meeting. He was even hotter in person and he brought another guy who was pretty hot, too. I expected things to be straightforward but the guys were a bit shy and greedy. After fooling outside for a while, I booked a room at nearby hotel and took both cuties there. It was all a bit awkward for them, being good friends, you know. Still, they stuck to their goal and got every single Crown out of me. I was fine with that because we had a great time.

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