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Czech Hunter 273
I saw this boy sitting inside of a shopping mall and he looked simply gorgeous. I was almost sure he was under 18. He had to be, he looked so young. But I couldnt walk away without a try. You can imagine how happy I was when I found out he turned 18 recently. He was waiting for his girlfriend. They were supposed to go shopping, she had a birthday and needed a present. This wasnt a good news, still, I kept talking to him. And it was my lucky day because his girlfriend took too long to show up. Long enough for me to convince this sweet boy to go for a little walk. After a gentle blowjob in the freezing cold, we decided to go to his place to warm ourselves a bit. And what a warm-up it was! He was begging me to stop in the end but took it like a real money loving pervert. I could only wish for more guys like this one.


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