Straight Male Tube - Straight Guys doing Gay For Pay
Czech Hunter 84
I Just Came From the Bar When I Noticed That the Streets Are Still Crowded. and When I Saw a Young Adonis Waiting At the Corner for More Than 2 Minutes I Decided to Switch on My Cam Which I Have - Luckily - Almost Always With Me. He Was Really Shy Even Though I Started With a High Offer. Obviously He Waited for a Friend Which Showed Up Within a Few Minutes. Bad Luck. but When I Was About to Go Home the Next Adonis Passed My Way. Well Dressed, With Some Sort of Model-face. I Had to Try It Again. I Told Him That I Have a Small Advertising Company and That I Want to Do a Casting With Him. When He Saw the Money He Agreed Very Fast. Two Hours Later I Have Learned That Even Bitches Wear Expensive Clothing. Sometimes.


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