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New Job Old Tricks 3


So finally I finished all my courses on health but now need some intern credits in the medical field. I knew the only one that would give me a chance would be Doctor Dick. So I get dressed, wore my best pressed clothes to make a good impression on the doc. The doc was happy to see that I took great interests and was flattered I picked his clinic for my internship. Well..deep down inside I knew I was a shoe in for this job. After greeting me and checking my references he left me alone in the office to wait his final decision. Out the corner of my eye I spied a gold foiled little bottle. I sorta knew what it was but my curiosity got the best of me. I opened it and took a whiff...and WOW!! for a second there I almost had an out of body experience. Little did I know it's side effects would give me a burning desire to beat my meat. I knew I had a few minutes before he came back so I took matters into my own hands and undressed to jack off. I took another couple hits from the gold bottle and felt a rush come over me like never before. Every part of my body tingled and just as I busted my walks the doc and catches me in the act. I don't think he minded cause I landed the job! I guess sometimes it pays to be a little naughty.

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