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Emo Kid Eats Cum 2


It always happens when I come to this clinic, the doctors always make you wait in these cold exam rooms..what's the point of making an appointment here. Well this time I got really fucken bored and started snooping around the place. I was running low so I stole some condoms I saw they had in a jar. They had all sorts of weird shit in those drawers. Some electrical stuff I've never seen before and a bunch of dildos and an electronic dick. Although I was tempted to use them on my hole I opted for my finger instead since who knows where those dongs have been. After stripping down out of my tighty whities, I played with my dick and hole. I never use lube so I spit on my dick to make things glide easy. I think I got carried away a bit cause I ended up upside down on that exam table beatin' my meat and fingering my hole. It was when I felt all the blood rush to my head that a popped a load out like I never have before. The scent of my cum was so sweet I just had to eat it.

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