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Rock Paper Scissors
It took several days for Skyler to work up to anal sex and he agreed to do it if he would be the top, however, Moreno also wanted to top. Before the shoot, both boys were told to decide between themselves who got to be top or maybe even just top each other. As they sat on the futon together, all they saw was the money they can earn but didn't want to talk about who is top or bottom. At first they didn't know the terms so we had to explain how one has to be the pitcher and the other has to be the catcher. These terms they understood but again, neither wanted to be the catcher so it was decided to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, and the loser had to be bottom. Skyler lost but asked for another $200 to have his tight ass plunged by Morenos big cock. He didnt want to get the raw end of the deal! Although we were budgeted only $1000 for each model, we told Skyler if he can take Morenos cock and do it well, he would definitely earn the extra money and both boys began to get undressed in agreement. These straight boys werent willing to kiss but instead Moreno sucked Skyler's dick! Soon it was time to switch and Skyler sucked Moreno's cock hard, getting it slippery and ready for Skylers tight little hole. After learning a bit about how to please a cock with a mouth, it was time to see what both boys can do for $1000. Skyler lubed his ass, bent over and Moreno slowly inserted his cock into Skylers tight hole. It was slow going at first but as Skylers ass stretched farther than he thought possible, Moreno sped up. Taking control, he then turned Skyler onto his side and inserted his cock again and continued fucking like a champ, while Skyler stroked his cock. Moreno is clearly a good top! He took charge and placed Skyler on his back, fucking him again. By now Skyler is rock hard and Moreno is about to bust. Moreno pulls out, strokes his shaft and cum flies out of his throbbing cock, spluttering spooge everywhere, triggering Skyler to blow his own load! Cum is mixed all over his body. Skyler was such a trooper, and he definitely earned the $200.


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