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Darren and Mark


Mark and Darren got themselves prepared, Mark still on his hands and knees with Darren standing behind him. Taking care of Mark's virgin ass, Darren slowly worked his cock deep inside. Once all the way in, Darren pushed Mark down onto his elbows and started fucking him in short, slow thrusts. As Darren gently rode his ass, he asked Mark if he liked being fucked, with Mark immediately saying that he did. Both boys were panting heavily from all their hard work, Mark crying out in both pleasure and pain. Reaching around behind himself, Mark spread his ass cheek so that he could feel the cock sliding into him more intensely. 'Give it me!' demanded Mark, a very recent convert to the cock. Darren had no choice but to comply to the bossy instructions, speeding up so that he was pounding into Mark's ass.
rnNot quite getting the full feel that he wanted in the doggy position, Mark flipped over onto his back, legs spread wide and in the air with Darren slamming home in one quick motion. The more turned on Mark was, the more flushed he was across his chest. As Darren rode his ass hard, Mark reached down and started jerking himself off. Darren was pounding the tight ass so fast, he accidentally slipped out but like a pro, he fisted his dick a couple of times before sliding right back in. However, only a minute later, Darren pulled out, tore off the condom and jerked off over Mark, cum dribbling over his chest and nipples. Mark wasn't far behind Darren, cum spilling over his stomach and into his pubes. Both boys did a great job, especially Mark for being fucked for the first time. Look out for them both in the updates!

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