Straight Male Tube - Straight Guys doing Gay For Pay
Jason and Dustin
In putting together a shoot for Broke Straight Boys I decided to go with Jason, because he happened to be fairly new with us still. He has done only a couple of shoots, and bottomed in one of them. I knew that Dustin was looking to do some more work, but in order for that to happen I needed a bottom. We arranged a day and time for them to drop by the studio for a shoot. Dustin was in a very joking mood when he arrived, and so it was hard to get him to move over to the couch and zip his mouth for a minute. Finally, when the two of them took a seat, I started the camera. Starting with reminding everyone what Jason has done with us so far. Then, I talked about Dustin and some of the parties that we have dragged him to around the country to some of the local gay bars. When we got back to the shoot and what I wanted to happen. The plan was for Jason to get fucked, and I was planning on paying him more for it, because of the discomfort. However, Dustin was having issues with him making more money than him. We settled the payment for the work, and then got started.


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