Straight Male Tube - Straight Guys doing Gay For Pay

Logan and David


I invited Logan to come back to do another shoot for us in the hopes that he would do more on camera. When we spoke on the phone to setup the time and day for the shoot, I told him to come with an open mind. The day of the shoot Logan showed up, and after coming in he took a seat on the couch to get started. I had him remind us a little bit about himself and he said 18 years old, straight, broke, and going to school. I ask him if he would be interested in doing an oral shoot and he told me to bring out the girls. When I said okay I will have the girl come out. The side door to the room opened and in walked David, causing Logan to freak out and wonder what was going on. I explained that David was gay and just like a girl. That his dream was to be with a straight guy, and his mouth would be just like a girl. I told Logan that a mouth was a mouth and to just close his eyes. The first thing we had to do was get the money issue out of the way. I asked Logan if he would do oral for $500 and he said no way, finally settling on $800 to get his dick sucked by David.

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