Straight Male Tube - Straight Guys doing Gay For Pay
Alex and Chris
Both these guys have some bills to pay. Chris has a mortgage and truck payment to make. Alex needs to pay off a cell phone bill so his girlfriend to get in touch with him. Taking off their shirts, you can see these boys are some true American-made white boys. They have great builds, smooth bodies. Easy going, fun, but "out there" describes both these guys perfectly. Chris even shows all of his bullet holes, and then his ass. Looks good so far, right? Stroking their cocks, neither one seems to be able to get hard. They need some help, so I offer to pay Alex to give Chris head. At first he is not for sure, but then he steps up to the plate. Chris pushes Alex's head down to the base of his cock. Changing positions makes a world of difference for Chris. Notice his face and how much he is enjoying this. He starts to bite his hand, and go out of control because it feels so damn good.


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