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Forest Fun 3


Welcome back to BoyGusher! We have Mike Edge with us today! We really enjoyed this update since we followed Mike into the forest as he loves nature, after crossing over the small creek, he found a large tree that has fallen to the ground making a perfect spot for him to jerk off. Mike has one of those bodies that is to die for. He has toned muscles, a flat stomach, and once he pulls out his cock you will find he has a big dick that deserves all of our attention. I just let him do his thing and he went right at it stripping out of his shirt and shorts giving us a great look at his body in his briefs. His cock was already semi hard and it looked great. I wanted to reach over and stroke it for him, but he was already stroking that hard cock. His hand continued stroking and jerking on his cock making it grow huge and thick in his hands. His heavy hanging balls are bouncing against his ass as his cock begins to throb and you can see he is about to erupt his boy gusher and wow was it a true cum geyser shooting his load onto the tree stump marking his spot in nature.

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