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Xander Creamy Load 2
Xander is a guy that I see all the time in my building coming home from work and making that occasional eye contact. I notice he is always wearing scrubs so I assume he is in the medical field. One day we start chatting and I found out more about Xander and indeed he is in the medical field and we continued to chat a lot more. Later that week, we continued chatting to the point I felt comfortable enough to tell him what I do for a living and that I film porn and he seemed very interested. He was fascinated that we filmed site and we chatted about that and one thing lead to another and I asked him to get undressed and he showed me his cock and his smooth toned body so I asked him if he likes to do a solo for us and try out filming. He agreed. He came over and we hung out a bit and he got tired so I told him to go sleep in my guest bed. So he got undressed, and started watching some porn and instead of resting, Xander started jerking off. Xander has a nice 7.5 inch cut cock and he is going to jerk off for us. He says he shoots a nice stream of cum. He jerks on his cock while also playing with his ass. After a bit he uses the lube to oil up his big cock strokes his huge cock and playing with his balls as he moans with each stroke of his hard throbbing cock. He continues to jerk on his cock moaning and telling himself how good it feels as his body tenses up ready for his cock to explode. He strokes his cock really fast as he breathes harder and faster, he can't handle it and jerks his cock hard exploding his jizz all over his stomach.


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