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Aye Papi Part 3
Today we welcome back Grey Donovan. This guy is as laid back as they come and we really enjoy having him here with us until you play with his sexy body and he likes walking around in undies or in this case his jockstrap. He just showed up got undressed into his jock and t-shirt and just flopped on the couch and proceeded to take a nap. I took the advantage of course and began to play with his toned body. I rubbed his chest making my way down to his tight jock running my hands over his bulge. I slid my hand inside his jock and began to touch and stroke his cock gently. I'm pretty sure he was awake when I slowly pulled out his cock and started stroking his hard dick. I began to really work his cock over, and stroke it making it harder and harder. He was literally putty in my hands as he was enjoying his handjob. After awhile he started to moan and his pretending to be asleep vanished as he began to enjoy my hand stroking and jerking on his dick.


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