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Aaron completing unfinished business
Aaron completing unfinished business!, Finally Beefcake Aaron was able to complete unfinished business! Months ago I got him to sit in my light blue couch, with his legs spread out and that juicy cock in my mouth. I edged him a little until he finally came wow was his expression at the end, so he was very willing to do the anal scene. He came back a week later for that shooting, but I noticed he was different, he was tense, so he couldnt perform (you know what I mean). Little did I know that his then girlfriend had been outside my apartment waiting for him in the car, she knew all along what was going on! This time it was my turn to say wow lol It seems that it was easier for him to relax and receive a blow job than fuck another guys ass, it was very frustrating, we tried for hours, and the more time that passed, the more tense he became, of course, he knew that she was outsideanyways, it was very frustrating for him and for me. I really wanted that thick cock in my manpussy. Now that he is single again he enjoyed making some bucks by coming back and trying one more time the scene, and bingo! It worked, actually it worked too good for him that he was about to cum too soon a couple of times, this time around he was relaxed. It was easy for him to be open and explore more, he loves been spoiled and his cock being worshiped by an experienced mouth like mine. After sucking his nice cock while he was standing up, I couldnt wait to get on all four to feel that hard cock inside me, and those balls slapping in my butt, and he delivered what he promised me, a several days load to warm up the room, beefcake Aaron left very happy this time after completing unfinished business, Happy holidays Hunters!


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