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Blowing Good Luck Phill
Sexy married Beefcake Phill went out with his girl to try some luck at the casino the night I met him. I saw them playing and playing but they did not seem to be winning at all, poor thing! A couple of hours later I saw him again, but this time he was by himself. So, my perfect line was to ask him how was his luck that night, I already knew the answer, but that was a good conversation starter lol. He told me that he already played almost everything he had, and on top of that, the money wasnt his, it was his wifes, and he only has a little left over. He even said that when he dropped her at work, she told him: You better make all my money back! Lol While he was telling me all that, I was already fantasizing about Blowing Good luck Phill. Wow! What a sexy man he is, with that hairy chest that he was showing off with his shirt half open. The truth is that something told me that he wouldnt reject my offer, and I was right! He did not want to go back home with empty pockets, and BCH was there for the rescue! Back at my hotel, before Blowing Good luck Phill, we had a nice chat; he is very easy going, smiling and talkative. He is really a naughty dude, and he is a money guy like he said and he was very excited about the new experience, and so was I. I couldnt wait to be on my knees between his legs and take those pants off to play a little with that sexy hairy chest! You know things get steamy here at BeefCakeHunter Land when there is a hairy Beefcake around!


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