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Blowing Young Mexican


Blowing young Mexican construction worker Jose in a stormy and hot night. After a day of working really hard under the sun, is exactly what he needed: a warm mouth and the extra bucks to find a new place to live. I met him just the day before, he has a sexy body with a lot of tattoos, beautiful dark brown skin, he really caught my attention, and that was even before seeing his cock, after he text me the pics of his cock, I got more enthusiastic! What a beautiful perfect shaped cock! Beefcake Jose is single but he is going out for physical purposes with two girls. So, I was lucky enough to get a least a day and a half quote of his load lol, and I had to work it. It took me a while to get his tool totally hard, but after all its always nice feeling it growing while it is in your mouth. I believe some Hunters would agree with me, right.

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