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Tall and handsome BCH


It was almost midnight and I was still waiting in my hotel room somewhere in Central Florida, for Beefcake Edward, to show up. It was a weekday, and he was delayed because he had got caught up at work as a mover and also with his girlfriend.

When he finally showed up, I was impressed by how masculine, tall, hairy and handsome this sexy Beefcake from Maryland is.

Before this Tall and handsome dude receives his first blowjob from a guy, he seemed very nervous and too serious at moments, but once I got on my knees and I slowly started with his nice balls and then his cock; Beefcake Edward did not have any problems in relaxing and got a full boner, yummy!

I couldnt help myself from not playing with his hairy chest, and then I ventured to play with his nipples, something that many Hunters enjoy here at BCH! But I honestly think it was a rushed step, maybe something that this Tall and handsome dude receives his first blowjob from a guy did not have in mind. I immediately noticed his reaction and I went back on my knees to not loose the momentum of getting him truly hard. That mean that after starting slow, then fast, I had to go back to slow motion.

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