Straight Male Tube - Straight Guys doing Gay For Pay

Baitbus Wins - Pt 2


BaitBus! We fucking rule the streets of Miami. Just know that bitches. We're out and about looking fir the next straight guy to go gay for pay. Of course we always get what we want. So, we check out the scene at the beach nd find this hottie with a nice body chilling waiting for a ride. Alexis goes in for the catch. She sexy. With a body like hers. How can they resist. Landon Stone is perfect. Once we told him what the deal was. He was down for the cause. What a fucking Idiot. He actually think we're doing random interviews. Then he thinks Alexis is going to suck him off. Not! That's what the Rock is for. Muscular and ready to get piped down. Come and see as everything unfolds. peace till next time!

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