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Straight Hugo Alexander Bait Brad Star
'Alexander Garrett, a big beautiful, muscular straight guy and sometimes mainstream model (who had already shot a video with us) is back in the studio for new photos and we convince him to allow us to photograph him with Brad Star, also in for new photos, and as the two pose they compare physiques (Brad has better abs) laughing as they do so. It was immediately apparent to us that there was the potential for some real sparks between these two sexy men, so we offered Alexander double the money we paid him last time if he would be willing to do more action with Brad. To our amazement, Brad was horny as hell and in need to cash too. He wasted no time in agreeing and before we even asked he had Alexander by the back of the neck pulling him in for a kiss! Man-o-Man were we excited to see the natural pleasure that these two were getting from each other. For this scene we pretty much just let the cameras role and told the guys to do whatever they wanted. Within a few minutes Alexander had Brad`s enormous 9.5`` cock in his mouth devouring it and then Brad returned the favor with gusto as he sucked Alexander `s uncut cock. With the two rock hard and raring to go, we just had to see their beautiful asses. When Brad took one look at Alexander `s ass, he told us he had to have it and Alexander excitedly obliged. Brad fucks Alexander with so much fervor in this scene our camera lens almost fogged up. Watch the ending as Alexander dips into Brad`s cum and slathers it on his own dick - yum.


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