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Straight Bobby Lite Bait Kody Valintine
'Kody Valintine, our Bait boy, is known for his ``Golden Lips`` which he describes as having the ability to ``suck the chrome off an trailer``. Robins and Caruso think he`s just the hottie to bust this episode`s straight guy`s gay cherry. Kody is a real cute dude. He`s 20, 6`2`` with a naturally smooth, tight and well proportioned body which goes well with his 8`` cock. The straight subject of his oral attention this week is Bobby, a 26 year old, 6`, 165lb masculine stud who sports a big, thick 8`` dick himself. Bobby is here for the cash and knows he`s about to receive his first blow job from another dude - and he readily admits looking forward to it. He says most girls can`t do a good job because his cock is just too damn big. So, for the cash he`s willing to let Kody go down on his beautiful tool.


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