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Straight The Rock Bait Aiden Cole
'Rock is a BIG guy. He`s a straight bodybuilder with huge muscles. You may have seen him around on other sites, but it`s Bait Buddies who gave him his first taste of cock ... and since then he`s never looked back. We paired him with a returning Bait boy named Aiden, a 24 year old dude with a nice 7`` cock who`s never said no to a big bodybuilder like Rock. In the beginning, Rock is pretty nervous and having a difficult time getting his 7`` grower out of it`s shell - so to speak. So Aiden, who isn`t known for being shy just dove right in and had his tongue down our bodybuilder`s throat in no time. Rock soon warmed up and the blood rushed to his cock just in time for Aiden`s mouth to engulf it for it`s first visit inside another guy`s mouth. Soon Rock was bent over with Aiden`s cock in his virgin mouth. His first time on the giving end of a blow job was so intense that Robbins remarked ``It looks like you`re chowing down on a protein bar!`` We knew then that Rock was hooked on cock. Don`t miss the final and hottest part of this video when Rock uses all 220lbs of solid muscle to ram his bodybuilder`s cock up Aiden`s butt - yikes!


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