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Straight Blake Thomas Bait Isaac Hamilton
'Blake's not actually a farmer, he just wears a "farmer's tan" - but this straight guy does own up to the kinky part - a bit on the dark side - and he likes his sex that way too. So, when it came time to tell him that there wouldn't be any girl in his scene it wasn't too difficult to talk him into going gay4pay. We paired him up with Isaac who is very cute and petite with the exception of one feature - where it counts the most - his big dick. Before you can say "Hi-ho! The dairy-o!" the two are jerking each other off, blowing each other and finally fucking. But, it's Isaac who's pumping his big cock into Blake's tight, virgin butthole - kinda like squeezin' a greased pig at the country fair - and it sounded like it too. We weren't sure if it was pain or pleasure until the very end when Blake had a shit eatin' grin on his face. Well, Blake's sore butt had all it could take, so the boys ended this hot session with a side by side milkin' contest. This also turned out to be a surprise. First Blake came all over his own chest, then Isaac shot a load all over Blake's chest. This made Blake so hot and horny that he jacked off for the second time. And we caught it all on video for you. Y'all come back now - ya hear!


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