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Straight Ari Gypsy Bait Mike Rivers
'``I won`t bite``, that`s what our very hot, blond haired, blue eyed Bait boy, Mike, tells our very skittish hot, muscular, Latino Straight target, Ari, as he moves away from Mike`s advances. This is one very erotic scene for those of you love to see a straight guy have a first time experience with another man. With the normal formalities of a BaitBuddies video shoot out of the way and Ari now willing to give guy sex a shot, Mike begins to feel Ari up. Stroking his chest, legs and concealed cock through his underwear, Ari, not sure what to do follows suit and lays his hand on Mike`s well built chest and very innocently noticing the difference from feeling up girls says ``it feels hard`` referring to the hard muscles of a man. Then Mike moves in for a kiss on the mouth which Ari politely side steps by shifting his head to the side - too fast, too furious for this virgin dude. Next is the blow job. Watch as Ari`s reaction when Mike`s mouth touches his dick. He`s stunned and places his hands over his eyes to shield his mind from this new and stunning experience. Before long Ari is breathing hard and fucking Mike`s mouth. Then it`s time for the swap and Ari isn`t happy about it, saying ``my mouth, this tongue, on that``. But, he goes with the flow and then asks ``Is this how you do it?`` And before you know it he says he likes and comments ``tasty``.


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