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Straight Vic Scorpio Bait Alexander Garrett
'Our Straight guy this week, Vic Scorpio, can not only fuck - he can also dance! Vic is hunky Latino boy who makes a living as an exotic dancer (stripper) at bachelorette parties and then if lucky fucks one or two of the girls at the end of the night. One of Vic's fellow dancers and longtime buddy is also one of our hottest Bait boys, Hugo Alexander, a gorgeous, 6 foot tall, smooth skinned, muscular, Latino stud with a big, thick 8.5'' cock. Vic asks his buddy Hugo to get him into the porn business, so that he can make some direly needed cash. Vic is absolutely clueless that Hugo does dudes - he's hid it from him for years fearing that the word would get out and he'd lose his dancing gig. Hugo also never told Vic that he has had the hots for him for all that time. Now being a little older and more confident, Hugo is ready to come out and make his sex fantasy with Vic come true - both at the same time.


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