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Straight Leo Bait Max Crase
'Leo is a very straight, eastern European dude, sexy, built, covered in tattoos, hung 8 thick uncut inches and although he's been living in the U.S. for 13 years he still thinks just about everything American -- including the girls are ''Tight''. Well, we have news for Leo - he's going to be finding out that more than a Budweiser, football games and girls can be tight. This is Leo's first time on a porn set, but our Bait boy Max has been around the block doing both bi and gay porn. He's also a big fan of and straight boys - especially butch and uncut. Now Leo is a tough dude. He told us during his interview he only does sex with girls - no kinky shit or he walks. So, we had to plan this one a bit differently. He really was hard up for money, like a lot of these young guys in a bad economy, so he did agree to a preplanned solo jackoff with another dude sitting on the same couch. This gave us some breathing room and an opportunity to push things in the direction we wanted to go - and of course we did.


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