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Straight Evin Brampton Bait Hunter Vance
'Winner - Wiener, today we have them both. In the studio is the super hot porn star Hunter Vance. Hunter's friend Evin is our straight guy. Hunter and Evin have been good friends since high school, both hot, muscular athletes played on sports teams together and even pursued girls together at that time. Hunter always had the hots for Evin, but recently when Evin's girlfriend, after a few too many drinks, tells Hunter that Evin has the ''biggest dick'' - Hunter becomes determined to see it hard and maybe more. Since Hunter has done work for our studio before and a fan of, he suggested that we do a video with him and his straight bud Evin. Knowing Evin was in need of money, the idea was for Hunter to convince Evin to do a straight porn shoot with him so that he could make enough to pay his bills.


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