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Straight Bryce Jones Bait David Hitch
'In this scene we have two cute first timers, "Porn Virgins" as we like to call them, who have never done any porn. This is unusual since we usually like our bait guys to have done a little adult video. Despite the lack of experience these two cute college dudes made a very hot debut. David is our bait guy, he's 21, hairy and sports a 7" cock while 20 year old straight frat boy Bryce is just 20, totally smooth with beautiful hazel eyes and a nice size dick. The guys are in the studio for their solo screen test. Bryce wants to know why there's another dude in the room - we explained it was just "happenstance" - you guys know the real reason. Bryce tells us he's never jacked off with a buddy and is a little uncomfortable, but we convince him to watch the hot porn and not pay attention - so he does just that. Once they're nice and hard 'n horny, Caruso tells them he has an idea - can you guess? He'll pay them more money if they fuck around with each other. Bryce freaks out a bit telling us he's straight and doesn't do guys. He's finally convinced with enough money to just throw himself into it. David bends over and engulfs the dude's dick and Bryce starts squirming and complaining for a few seconds until he realizes how good it feels and soon enough his hand is pressing David's mouth deeper onto his cock. You'll notice that he's either watching the porn or has his eyes closed during the entire shoot. Then it's the unexpected news -at least to Bryce - that it's his turn to go down on David and that took some convincing. But he did a pretty good job. Then Caruso tells Bryce it's time to fuck David and he says "he's a dude with a hairy ass!". Caruso agreed with that statement and just told him to get the condom on and get going. So, without further question Bryce proceeds to fuck David doggy style and then face to face until both spooge all over David's torso and everyone is smiling. Porn cherries busted!


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