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Straight Trey Turner Bait Jessie Colter
'We've had this video sitting in the can for quite a while for a myriad of reasons. Although it's now quite a bit after the fact, we're now able to release this very hot sex scene that launched the porn career of Trey Turner. Here's how it happened. Caruso met veteran gay porn star Jessie Colter on the set of a porn shoot he was directing. Caruso told Jessie what was about and that he would love to have this very good looking, hunky stud in one of his videos. About a month after this meeting Jessie contacts Caruso and tells him he has an idea. His straight gym partner and buddy Trey was out of work and jobs being tough to find, wanted to give porn a try and was willing to try gay porn because it paid more. And who'd be better to do it with than his buddy Jessie.


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