Straight Male Tube - Straight Guys doing Gay For Pay
Straight Rocky Fox Bait Dennis Reed
'This video is unique to the site. Caruso received the entire unedited video from a current site member not long ago. It came with an explanation that he is a photographer in Prague, but wants to get into the adult entertainment business. He liked so much since his fetish is Straight guys, that he came up with his own idea of luring unsuspecting straight guys back to his photography studio. He asked that Caruso put it on the site and see what the reaction was from our members. Please leave your comments. The premise starts with his assistant and main talent scout, Dennis, as cute a blond stud as you could ever want. Dennis is super aggressive when it comes to recruiting both guys and girls for his mainstream photography business. He's so aggressive, that when other photographers see him near their models they either send their goons or call the police to get rid of him. So, who better than Dennis to lure straight guys back to their studio and seduce them into sexual acts. As you will see in this video, with Dennis there is very little talking or actual seduction involved. One thing that makes it easier for Dennis is that there is an abundance of very hot guys in Prague, but a shortage of well paying jobs.


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