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Straight Marxel Rios Bait Ty Tucker
'Caruso received a call from a former Bait boy, Ty Tucker, a real cute dude with a hot bod and a nice 7.5'' cock. He told Caruso that he had seen a video on where we picked up a straight Latino boy named Marxel who had run out of gas and was on his way to a gas station to fill his red container. Ty wanted to see if they could hook up and asked if we could give him Marxel's email address. So we made a better offer, we'll pay Ty to have sex with Marxel on camera. However, there was one small problem. After we shot the original video with Marxel, off camera he told Caruso he wasn't happy about getting pushed into the gay sex thing and didn't want to work for us again. Surprisingly, when Caruso called Marxel he not only didn't hang up, but said he's been thinking about guys and gay sex and that he would do the scene. We got them both into the studio and Caruso explained that this was a first, an experiment, to see how our fans would like it. The only direction given to the guys was to have fun - and that they did. It starts with some hot, sexy kissing and then moves on to mutual blow jobs, 69 and finally fucking. First Ty slams his cock into Marxel who seems to be loving it. Then they flip and Ty wants to try doing it in the 'pile drive' position where he rolls on his back with is legs and butb up against the couch where Marxel is sitting. Marxel points his cock and inserts it into Ty's hot hard butt and fucks him till he shoots a huge load which also lands in Ty's own mouth. Marxel then jacks a huge load off all over Ty's muscular chest adding to the puddles of his own cum. We think this was one of the hottest sex scenes we ever shot and a very successful experiment! Now you let us know what you think.


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