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Straight Brenden Pierce Bait Steven Ponce
'Rocker Brenden Pierce is a straight boy who's about to rock around some cock in this very sexy video, and Steven Ponce our Bait guy is looking forward to playing his instrument. Brenden answered an ad Caruso placed for "models needed for adult videos". He emailed a photo and profile which Steven, who has been assisting Caruso for a while, saw and immediately knew he wanted to have sex with this dude. So Caruos made the pairing happen but wasn't too sure it would be successful, because after speaking with Brenden it appeared that anything but straight vanilla pussy sex was pretty much off the table. Well it wouldn't be the first time we had to trash a shoot because a straight dude got pissed and walked off. So, Caruso has both guys strip down and we see that Steven has put on some muscle and let his chest hair grow back which is pretty hot looking. Meanwhile Steven can't take his eyes off of Brenden. Both guys work up their cocks watching some porn until Caruso is ready for the bait and switch. Brenden is sorely disappointed that there won't be any girls available. Caruso then makes a offer of double the money to do something else. Brenden doesn't like the smell of it already and asks Steven if he's alright with what's going on. Surprisingly when Caruso gets to the details, that they have to have sex with each other, Brenden is good with it. He says he never even thought of doing anything with another guy, never had sex in the same room with a buddy, but he really needs the money...guess the rock career isn't booming yet. Brenden gets into the sex action so fast it's amazing and also does some very hot sucking, kissing and fucking - all with what appeared to be lots of feeling. Don't miss 'After the Shoot' to hear what this straight boy has to say about his first gay experience. Rock on!


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