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Straight Christopher Alexander Bait Sebastian Keys
'Sebastian Keys is back. Sebastian got his start in porn when he took a trip from his hometown in Kentucky to visit friends in Florida. In need of some funds to extend his vacation, he answered one of our ads for models. He came into our studio a good ole country boy who loved nothing more than to down a six pack and fuck some pussy. Well, that was then and this is now. You'll hear Sebastian tell Caruso how he's expanded his sexual horizons from vanilla gay4pay to BDSM and tranny sex. We created quite the kinky cum whore. But, he'll tell you this "the money has to be right". Maybe that justifies getting fucked by dudes. But who cares, he's hot and sexy and isn't that what really matters? Talking about hot and sexy, feast your eyes on our Straight boy, Christopher Alexander with his handsome face, pouting lips and hot body. Like Sebastian's first encounter on Bait Buddies, he too is here under the premise that he'll be doing a three way with Sebastian and a beautiful girl. But, of course, Caruso lets the boys know that the girl didn't show and the only way they can make some money is if the guys do some 'work' for another site...a gay one. Christopher is a bit horrified, he picks up his briefs and covers his beautiful cock (as if that's going to keep him safe at Bait Buddies) and tells us he's not into it - it's just not his thing. However, Sebastian and Caruso are able to coax him into giving it a try and Christopher agrees - as long as he can stop if he doesn't like it. But, we know better - none of them stop once their cock is in a hot mouth, and Christopher is no different. Not only is he liking it, but it appears he's enthusiastic about it, maybe even 'head over heels' about his new 'gay' experience, especially when it comes to fucking Sebastian's hot ass. Talking about head over heels, wait until you see how this all ends. Mid fuck, Sebastian decides to get down, back first on the floor facing the couch, legs against the cushions, inviting Christopher to fuck him 'heels over head'. As Christopher is standing over Sebastian with his cock buried in the boy's ass, Sebastian is jacking his cock for all it's worth - then his body stiffens up and he shoots a big load of hot cum all over his face and in his mouth which he greedily swallows. Not a second later, Christopher rips off his rubber, aims his cock at Sebastian's face and strokes out a load which mixes with Christoper's own with some going right into his mouth! We know you'll be 'Head over heels' once you watch this hot straight boy's first gay sex.


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