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Straight Josh Hodges Bait Antonio
'You might do a double take when you see our straight guy, Josh - no, it's not Gomer Pyle, but we can see where you might think so for just a moment. He tells us he loves to fish...and we can imagine him walking, fishing pole over his shoulder, through the lovely town of Mayberry to the whistling theme of the 'Andy Griffith Show'. Josh has that southern country boy look and the matching accent you'd expect from a boy born and raised in rural Georgia, but you'll have listen closely as he's pretty quiet and reserved - until it gets down to the sex. And that's where our super hot Bait stud, Antonio comes in. He's so fucking cute and on top of that has one of those smooth beefy, muscular bodies, a bubble butt and thick thighs to die for, all topped off with a hot uncut cock. Well Gomer, um, we mean Josh, thinks he's in our studio to do his first pussy flick. Caruso has him imagining that he's getting just what he wants - a hot blond babe with big titties. Yet, we all know that in just minutes he'll be having his very first gay sex experience and that lucky fucker will get to have it with hunky Latino Antonio. The sex starts simply with a mutual stroke fest until Antonio lowers his head and takes Josh's cock into his mouth. The favor is returned by Josh who quickly gets the hang of giving a blow job. When it comes to kissing, there's little resistance to Antonio's mouth and tongue. And when the time comes, Josh is more than ready to stick his cock into any available hole. Josh fucks Antonio's bubble butt doggy style and then Antonio flips onto his back as Josh continues to fuck him. Surprising to us was without any prompting, Josh grabs Antonio's cock to give him a helping hand as he's banging into his hole. Wow! Antonio is so turned on he shoots a huge load of cum which leaves a trail all the way from his pubes, thigh, up his torso to his neck. By this time Josh is ready and rips off his rubber and shoots onto his new friend's meaty thigh. We hope nobody tells aunt Bee about this!


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