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Straight Dylan Drive Bait Ty Tucker
'It's actually only his fourth time having sex. Dylan, our straight guy, is only 19 years old, yet he looks to be around 15 or 16. Even though he's cute and sports 8'' of thick, uncut cock, the girls are just not looking to get fucked by someone so young looking. So, Dylan thought that doing porn was the answer to his sex problems. He knows he's cute, has a nice body and a porn star size cock. Where better to get lots of hot pussy then a porn studio? Only poor Dylan walked into the studio and as we all know - there is no pussy here. But, Caruso gives him some hope that he was only minutes away from sinking his big piece of meat into some hot pink slit. Dylan is introduced to his co-star, Ty Tucker, who has been a Bait boy in two prior videos. Ty has let his body hair and muscles grow and along with his beautifully proportioned body, big 7.5'' cock and handsome face, he's quite the hunk. OK, so both dudes go through the regular warm up, they strip down, show their stuff and start their jacking session. Before long, Caruso returns with the bad news - another of our reliably unreliable girls can't make it to the shoot and of course there are no other girls available. Dylan is given the choice of going home empty handed or if he picks door number two, he can get paid. We all know what's behind that door - gay sex. Dylan doesn't want to do it, but an enthusiastic Ty has the kid convinced that it's no big deal and the action ensues. Dylan's cock has remained rock hard throughout - of course it does - he's 19 years old! He seems to be enjoying a mutual jacking with Ty, but moves away as Ty goes in for some kissing. He soon relaxes and takes his first man tongue into his mouth. When it comes time for blow jobs, watch the look on Dylan's face as Ty swallows his big fat tool - he's not sure what to do, but again he just gives in. By the end of the video, Dylan is pumping his his cock into a moaning Ty who gets louder and louder until he finally shoots a nice creamy load on his sexy flat belly. Pulling off his rubber, Dylan spurts off a fountain load of cum which covers Ty's stomach and chest. Dylan has now successfully completed his fourth time having sex...unexpectedly with a man and he liked it. Fourth time's a charm!


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