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Straight Brett Bradley Bait Oliver Cazzo
'We love porn virgins here at and this video features a real hottie with a naturally ripped body and a thick 9'' monster cock. Brett is Straight and has never done a porn video of any kind and he lets us know pretty quick that not only has he never done anything with a dude, he's never even jacked off with a buddy - never even thought about doing anything with a guy and never had a girl play with his hole nor has he ever thought about it or put anything including his finger in his butt. On the other hand, our Bait boy, Oliver, a hot 19 year old Latino college boy who keeps his tightly packed body fit playing soccer, loves the idea of man on man sex and once he hears from Caruso that our straight boy Brett has a thick 9'' cock, he's excited about getting it up his hot Latino bubble butt. Oliver doesn't have long to wait, because as usual our 'unreliable girls' just can't get themselves to the studio, so Caruso tells the boys that their only option is to have sex with each other. Of course, Oliver is on board, but Brett needs a little convincing - so with a little cajoling and lots of cash, he decided to go for it. In no time, Oliver has Brett's cock in his mouth and quickly gets it to the full 9 inches - what a beautiful piece of meat. It appeared that Oliver is soon addicted to taking that monster down his throat and just won't stop until Caruso tells them it's time to swap places, so Brett goes down on Oliver and is doing a pretty good job on his first attempt at cock sucking. It's almost time for the fucking and Oliver is totally lost in the eroticism of doing a straight guy, but that doesn't stop him from leaning in and getting Brett into his first make out session with another boy. It seemed like Oliver would've liked Caruso to shut off the camera and leave him to ravish Brett alone. But, that wasn't going to happen - so he tunes it all out and takes Brett's big tool up his butt as he moans in ecstasy. Oliver could've gone on for what seems like forever, but Brett yells out that he's ready to cum... guess it's from his first time inside a boy's hot tight bubble butt. Oliver says ''cum on my face'' and Brett shoots a huge load just where he wanted it. This pushes Oliver's button and triggers his own hot orgasm which is so intense it takes him a minute before he can talk. Needless to say, Brett's porn cherry has been busted!


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