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Straight Peter Trey Bait Danny Tucan
'Our Bait guy in this video, Danny, says he likes to have sex with straight guys because he gets off on ''showin' them the ropes'' - a pretty good way of putting it we think. And talking about ropes, Danny has a 9'' length hanging between his legs. Unfortunately, he hasn't had a chance to 'teach' any straight guys since his high shool locker room days. But, today he's going to get the opportunity to show off his rope and at the same time relive those days by showing our straight guy Peter the ropes by guiding him through his first gay sex experience. Danny is a bit too 'obvious' about his interest in Peter, but we think this straight dude from Colorado is pretty much oblivious to Danny's ogling. Hey, what gay or bi man wouldn't ogle a hot, cute French/Portuguese boy with a smooth, long, tight and well proportioned bod? So, the boys are stripped down, watching pussy porn and jacking their cocks to make sure they can get it up in front of each other when the 'girl' is brought in. When Caruso delivers the news that the girl didn't show and the only way to make money is for the two guys to have sex with each other, only Peter is disappointed of course. But, between Danny and Caruso they get Peter to understand it's only business as usual in porn - have sex, get paid and don't worry about anything else. Well, Peter is in and the action starts with mutual hand jobs, then some hot cock sucking by both dudes. When it comes to the fucking, Peter isn't too enthusiastic, but when Caruso offers the alternatives ''he fucks you or you fuck him'', Peter chooses the latter and we're off to the races. Peter knows how to fuck and it doesn't take long for him to pound Danny's ass in two positions until Danny blows his load. Peter then pulls off his now slimy rubber and jacks several big shots of cum all over Danny - you can tell Danny's loving it all. Peter says it felt good to cum, but when Caruso asks ''What's good about it?'', Peter replies ''I finished''. Oh well, you can't win them all over. But, don't tell that to Danny - for him it was hot as hell - and one more straight guy is shown the ropes.


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