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Straight Lee Davidson Bait CJ Parker
'Straight hunky CJ Parker is back as our Bait in this episode of Bait Buddies. He was one lucky fucker in his first appearance on Bait Buddies - that's because he was paired up with a buddy of his - Joe Parker. They were just supposed to fool around, maybe a mutual jackoff session, but Caruso offered CJ $$$ if he would let Joe bust his cherry. He was so horny that he agreed pretty quickly and Joe fucked the living daylights out of his buddy CJ... a married man at the time. Since then, he's split up from his wife and has been dating and having sex with both men and women. He tells Caruso he's been experimenting with S&M, bondage, etc, as he found that he likes being controlled. Lee, a cute blond boy with a big cock is our straight guy. Lee, tells us he's on the other end of the spectrum - he likes to control his dates - especially red headed chicks. Both boys are told by Caruso to strip down, show their stuff and work up a hardon. Lee has a nice thick 7.5 inch cock, while CJ impresses us with his great body and big firm thighs. OK, so our 'girl' doesn't show up because she was arrested for masturbating on a train... Caruso is obviously running out of stories for these guys LOL. Anyway, Lee thinks it's funny - that is until Caruso tells him if he wants to make some money then he'll have to have sex with CJ - not so funny for this straight boy. He lets us know that it's not his thing, but of course it doesn't take long with some talking and cash that CJ is stroking Lee's big dick. The sex is pretty hot, especially when CJ is sitting on Lee's big cock while Lee fucks him good. CJ keeps leaning back to the point that he's laying back to chest with Lee as he gets a big load of cum fucked out of him. It takes a while for CJ to come down from his orgasm - he's body shakes as he keeps on stroking his cock. He then turns to Lee, gets down and sucks the boy off until he's ready to shoot his load all over his belly, his hand and CJ's hand. Caruso tells Lee to give it a lick, but unfortunately he makes a face and turns down the offer. He tells Caruso that he never tasted his own cum and doesn't plan too. After the shoot, Caruso asks Lee how it was and he says ''not half bad'' - he might even try it again.


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